The following article appeared in the 27 Oct 2005 edition of SqueezeOC:


Seven-Degrees of collaboration

Two artists with different styles inspire each other in exhibit at Laguna gallery.


Artists Brian Pellar, left, and Willie O'Leary collaborated to put together “Fire Lines” an exhibit on display at Seven-Degrees gallery.

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"Fire Lines"
Collaborative and individual works by Willie O’Leary and Brian Pellar. Around 30 drawings, paintings and sculptures.

When: Continues through Nov. 25. Gallery open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.

Where: Seven-Degrees gallery, 891 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach.


Info: and

Brian Pellar and Cornelius "Willie" O’Leary don’t seem like they would run in the same art circles. Pellar once wanted to be a doctor, and now creates anatomically exact sculptures of people. O’Leary is best known for creating large animal-shaped assemblages by tying together twigs, wire and other things he finds. He also lovingly illustrates envelopes– including those containing his bills – and mails the lavish products to surprised friends and the DMV.

Yet, the two have been inspired by each other’s work to collaborate on a series of drawings on black surfaces. A new exhibit of their work is titled "Fire Lines," a reference to how O’Leary used to draw by a fire when he was broke and lived in his parent’s backyard. The work displays both Pellar’s precision and O’Leary’s love of animal and plant imagery. They drew on whatever they found nearby, including part of a pizza box and a piece of tarpaulin.

The men met as art students at UCI in the late ‘80s and became roommates. After college, O’Leary, 38, took on odd jobs, including care-giving in Chicago, before returning to Orange County. He’s currently an artist-in-residence at Seven-Degrees gallery in Laguna Beach.

Pellar, 44, attended UCI’s prestigious graduate writing program and has been working on a book on literary symbols.

The two bumped into each other at one of O’Leary’s art shows at Irvine Fine Arts Center in the late ‘90s and started doodling together in coffee shops.

They talked to SqueezeOC at Seven-Degrees while putting the final touches on "Fire Lines."


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The following article with my photo appeared in the Kunming Press during the 2005 Kunming Sculpture Symposium in China:



The following image was taken from a TV news channel in China.  They discussed the Kunming Symposium and aired an interview with me.


The following was a Magazine article on the Kunming Sculpture Symposium in China.



Arts & Antiques. Summer, 2000 issue. A & A Update Section. P.36








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1. 1st Place. Golden State Sculpture Society's 13th Annual Show, 1999. Thousand Oaks, Ca. Study for life-size, "Form No. 3."

2. People's Choice Award. Best of Show. Golden State Sculpture Society's 13th Annual Show, 1999. Study for life-size, "Form No. 3."



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